A biography of reggie miller the shooter

Early life[ edit ] Miller was born in Riverside, California. He was born with hip deformities, which prevented him from walking correctly. After a few years of continuously wearing braces on both legs, his leg strength grew enough to compensate.

A biography of reggie miller the shooter

Sources Reggie Miller is a talented man who comes from a very talented family in Riverside, California. On March 18, he hit his 2,th three-point shot against the Sacramento Kings. In the same game, he also surpassed the 21,point plateau.

Through the NBA season, Miller averaged As a youngster, Miller was plagued by a hip deformity that caused severely splayed feet, according to Indystar.

For the first four years of his life he wore leg braces to correct the birth defect and doctors wondered if he would ever walk unassisted.

Perfected Basketball Skills to Beat Sister

But he persevered, and by the time he was five, Miller was walking normally. Despite the struggle that could prove inspirational for many people, he rarely discussed this portion of his life. Growing up in an athletic family had its advantages for Miller, who worked diligently to beat them in pickup games in the driveway.

Miller played exceptionally well during high school but always stood in the shadows of his other talented siblings. Miller was out to make his own name, as he starred at Riverside Poly-technical High School from to His abilities caught the attention of nearby UCLA, which wanted to recruit the slender, silky shooter.

Indiana Pacers, E.

A biography of reggie miller the shooter

Market St, Indianapolis, IN But the home folks preferred Steve Alford, a local boy who played his college basketball at Indiana University. With the 11th overall pick, Pacers coach Jack Ramsay nabbed Miller and not Alford, who was taken by the Dallas Mavericks, much to the chagrin of the fans.

Miller averaged 20 points per game and hit sixty percent of his three-point shots. Off the court, Miller hosted a weekly TV show aimed at teenagers in Indianapolis. His topics ranged from homelessness to teen pregnancy. He has been heavily involved in the community.

Off the court, I want to help. It was ruled arson, and the case remains unsolved. He has written his autobiography, I Love Being the Enemy: That spring, the Pacers pushed the Chicago Bulls, led by Michael Jordan, to the brink, but lost again in seven games.

In the season, the Knicks eliminated the Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals for a fourth time, this time. Bird resigned and Pacers president Donnie Walsh hired new coach Isiah Thomasanother basketball legend with Indiana ties.

Still, Miller has remained upbeat about playing for Thomas and just playing altogether.Biography. On This Day: Tupac Died in Debra Messing. Twitter War. Debra Messing told Susan Sarandon on Twitter to “STFU” after Sarandon said that President Trump has "if anything.

A documentary titled Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs.

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the New York Knicks premiered to the public on March 14, , on ESPN. Miller announced in December that there would be a Special Premiere Movie event on Friday, Feb. 26, at Conseco Fieldhouse. [25]High school: Riverside Polytechnic, (Riverside, California).

Jun 08,  · A countdown of Reggie Miller's Top 10 Available Career Plays. Relive this legendary shooting guard's greatest shots, layups, and clutch plays from his rookie. Reggie Miller. American basketball player. In the history of the National Basketball Association (NBA), there's never been a three-point shooter like Indiana Pacers guard Reggie Miller, undoubtedly the most persistent and productive three-point prodigy of all time.

A biography of reggie miller the shooter

Miller was the first NBA player to sink 2, three-pointers and also holds the NBA record for most consecutive seasons with at least three . Learn the Incredible Story of '90s Basketball Superstar Reggie Miller!

In Reggie Miller: The Remarkable Story of One of '90s Basketball's Sharpest Shooters, you'll read about the inspirational story of basketball's premier shooting guard, Reggie urbanagricultureinitiative.com Miller broke the record books during his incredible year NBA career/5(6).

Reggie Miller Biography - Affair, Divorce, Ethnicity, Nationality, Salary, Net Worth, Height | Who is Reggie Miller? Reggie Miller is an American retired professional basketball player.

Miller was known for his precision three-point shooting, most notably against the New York Knicks.

Reggie Miller Biography - Facts, Childhood, Wiki, Family Life & Achievements