A look at the history of advertising

History of advertising Bronze plate for printing an advertisement for the Liu family needle shop at JinanSong dynasty China. Egyptians used papyrus to make sales messages and wall posters.

A look at the history of advertising

A look at the history of advertising

October 29 Posted by: Sometimes when you look back at history, it can inspire ideas for the future. In the s, the world of advertising experienced some major changes. Oh, and there was also the birth and boom of this little thing called the Internet.

A new, very different consumer audience The early s brought a new generation to the forefront of popular media — Gen X. Marketers were under pressure to find the most cost-effective way to reach the largest audience possible.

Boutique firms were taking the reins while specialized ethnic agencies focused all their attention on specific populations. And many larger agencies spun off independent media companies to focus specifically on where the message was going instead of just the message itself.

Marketers were uncertain about how it would all play out and whether or not it would become a lucrative medium. Hotwired was launched in A very ugly yet prophetic first banner ad on Hotwired. And continued to go up and up until the dot-com bubble burst in early Ad agencies scrambled to keep up with the changes, many creating new units to handle interactive.

And there was now a new way not only to advertise, but share ads with clients, as well. Despite any uncertainty, shakiness, or impending stock failures, the s laid the foundation for advertising as we know it today.In United States history, advertising has responded to changing business demands, media technologies, and cultural contexts, and it is here, not in a fruitless search .

Dec 26,  · Take a look at the graphic below.

Advertising has changed over the years. We take a look back in time. It might be all about the latest thing and the newest looks, but advertising has a long history. The advertisements are from the J. Walter Thompson Company Competitive Advertisements Collection of the John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History in Duke University's David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library. Take a stroll through a century of manufacturing advertising and promotion Manufacturing History - A Look at Advertising Through the Decades. Jill Jusko Nov 26, 1 X. ADVERTISEMENT. "For the first time in shaving history the sixty second shave is possible," touted this advertisement for the Remington 60 electric dry shaver.

Do you think any of these older forms of advertising would be successful today? Let us know in the comments. Topics: Advertising, Business.

Take a look back at the Western Conference Championship Game between the Packers and the Rams. Advertising. Open menu button Memorable moments in Packers-Rams history Take a .

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We set out to answer these questions and much more in a comprehensive look at the history and evolution of advertising. We went back centuries, examining human communication and civilization as well as key advertising campaigns from each era -- and we packaged it into a . The Evolution of American Advertising A look into how advertisements have adapted and changed over the course of American history.


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