Accounting ethics: the real situation of the company essay

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Accounting ethics: the real situation of the company essay

I chose whistle blowing because I feel like it is something that many employees have struggled with at least one time in their career.

Have you ever experienced an ethical dilemma in the workplace and what did you do about it?

It is hard to know what to do when you are put in a situation where the consequences of you reporting the misconduct could lead to career suicide, or on the other extreme, being praised. The other topic that I found interesting was the issues of honesty and integrity because there are many different areas in a career where you could be tempted to do dishonest things.

Knowing more about whistle blowing informs me more about the inner struggles that take place inside of a work environment. We have to weigh the pros and cons to blowing the whistle on an unethical operation because doing the right thing could lead to the loss of a career.

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This relates to me in the business world because I have some unethical things going on at the place I work at. There were some employees doing things so that they would end up making more money at the end of the shift, and I was faced with the dilemma of blowing the whistle or not.

On one hand, if I told on the employees the company would get their money back, but I would lose some friends in the process. The other side of things would be for me to not tell a manager and have our company lose money, but still keep my friends.

In the end I decided to tell a manager and risk the loss of friends. I also believe that it was important for me to learn more about the issues of honesty and integrity in a work place.

Accounting ethics: the real situation of the company essay

Knowing more about the struggles that people in a business setting face when it comes to bribes and conflicts of interest or loyalty, makes me more aware of how I need to stick to my code of ethics while in a working environment. When I am working in a business setting I know that I have to make sure that whatever I am doing, it is in the best interest for me, the company, and the law.

I have to make sure to not take advantage of any of the company's resources, as well as stay true to my morals. After reading chapter 2 and gaining more information on whistle blowing and issues of honesty and integrity, I feel as though I am ready to face a real career in the business world.The Code of Ethics is the backbone of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.

It’s what separates the country’s million REALTORS® from other real estate licensees. Foundations for Ethics to apply ethics in the real world of health care. Scholarly textbooks However, by being able to look at any situation holistically and make appropriate, ethics-based decisions, you can actually enhance the overall effectiveness of your organization.

Because health care is .

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CHAPTER 1 DECISION MAKING AND THE ROLE OF ACCOUNTING TEXT REFERENCE: Hoggett, J.R., Edwards, L., understand the importance of ethics in business and accounting and how to The winding up of the affairs of a company 9. Accounting that deals with the cost of a product or service Making a choice.

"Accounting & Bookkeeping for Everyone" is a course that covers the fundamentals of accounting with the newcomer in mind.

Accounting is more than just memorizing terms and procedures; it's a whole new way of thinking about finances.

Mark to Market Accounting and Its Relation to the Enron Scandal One of the most fascinating (if not revolting) aspects of the so-called Enron scandal is the degree of complicity that surrounded the actual Texas-based company and which extended into the realm of United States account practices, federal regulations, and even politics in general.

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