Bach to school event

They were performed in observance of Bach's tricentennial in at St. John's Cathedral in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A performance of the St. John Passion follows the organ works.

Bach to school event

History[ edit ] In Leipzig, the Magnificat was regularly part of Sunday services, sung in German on ordinary Sundays but more elaborately and in Latin on the high holidays Christmas, Easter and Pentecost [3] and on the three Marian feasts AnnunciationVisitation and Purification.

Compared to Lutheran practice elsewhere, an uncharacteristic amount of Latin was used in church services in Leipzig.

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Traditional setting of the German Magnificat[ edit ] See also: Meine Seele erhebt den Herren The traditional setting of Luther 's German translation of the Magnificat " Meine Seele erhebt Bach to school event Herren " is a German variant of the tonus peregrinusa rather exceptional psalm tone in Gregorian chant.

Bach uses the melodic formula as an instrumental cantus firmus in movement 10 Suscepit Israel of his Latin Magnificat. List of Magnificat composers Being a quintessential part of vespersevensong or matinsthe Magnificat was, already for over a century before Bach's composition, the liturgical text that was most often set to music apart from the Mass ordinary.

In many of these settings a single verse of the Magnificat can be sung by one or more soloists alternating with choral singing, as Bach does in his treatment of the third Magnificat verse: This particular split of the third verse, leaving only the last two words omnes generationes to the chorus, had been practised before by Ruggiero Fedeliand in a Magnificat in G minor from which Bach probably knew that Magnificat in G minor used to be attributed to Tomaso Albinoni.

Extending a standard SATB choir with more voice parts was however no novelty for Magnificat compositions: He did the same in the year his Magnificat premiered, in his funeral motet Jesu, meine Freude.

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Such compositions with an extended choir are however outside Bach's usual routine for liturgical music. Hieronymus Praetorius published a Magnificat with such interpolations in In Christianitythe feast commemorating that visit is called Visitation. It is a chosen opportunity to give more than ordinary attention to the Magnificat canticle in liturgy, while the feast celebrates the event tied to its origin.

Thomas Church Thomaskirche in Leipzig. That year there had been a period of mourning after the death of the sovereign, Augustus the Strong. It is possible that Bach produced his new version of the Magnificat for this occasion, although Christmas of the same year as first performance date for the new version is possible too:Speakers & Facilitators.

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In this major study of the composer's life and work.

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Bach to school event

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