Clique marketing and shelf space

Walmart is looking for a share not just of trade-promotion funds but also consumer-ad dollars. If they did, they would either have to make proportionate concessions to other retailers — essentially turning their entire marketing budgets over to the retail trade — or risk violating the Robinson-Patman Act, which requires manufacturers to treat retailers proportionately in trade deals.

Clique marketing and shelf space

Clique marketing and shelf space

It is of prime interest to retailers that the allocation of shelf space is well planned and well implemented. Poor allocation will lead to stockouts for some items and excessive stocks for others, resulting in lost sales and high inventory holding costs.

To optimize forward stock, shelf space is allotted approximately in proportion to demand i. Stock to Sales Ratio In order to maintain wider range of products and accommodate small brands, the big brands tend to get somewhat less than their sales share of space.

Chains also allocate more space to brands that are strategically important to them. Retailers usually maintain norms for merchandising that impact on space allocation.

This benefits small brands that on the basis of sales might not deserve as much as two facings. Stock to sales relationship therefore follows the pattern depicted in Exhibit On the other hand, the share of space for small brands exceeds their share of market as they get no less than the minimum number of facings stipulated by the retailer.

Stock to sales ratio, which is simply stock share divided by sales share is the measure usually adopted for comparison across products.

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How well they utilize it ultimately determines the profitability of retail chains. Their business model therefore revolves around the notion of stock turns and return on inventory.

Clique marketing and shelf space

This means that on a yearly basis the stock in the selling area is being replenished 50 times, or about once a week.Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Target Marketing Systems Modern Computer Tower With Shelf and Keyboard Space, 4 Caster Wheels, Black at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

Additional products: company shelf space can be increased by gaining new product listings in the sector.


If you are already operating in the sector, then you should have a good knowledge of its performance and current trends. Shelf space is counted in “facings” ie the quantity of single units packed abreast.

Most stores use rate of sale (amount of stock sold in a week) as the main criteria for allocation of shelf space .

“Shelf space” will describe how to apply marketing to the design of your app's presentation in a single distribution channel. “Channels” will cover applying your shelf space across multiple distribution channels, discussing your varying options. Securing shelf space is not cheap and persuading retailers to take your products means convincing them your product is the right choice for their outlet.

It’s not only your product that you are promoting, but your brand and your customer experience. “Project Impact” may take away shelf space from non-compliant companies. By Jack Neff First published by Advertising Age, July 20, Batavia, Ohio — Walmart has launched an aggressive push to have marketers divert their consumer media and marketing budgets into the giant retailer’s growing ad budget and in-store marketing programs, using a simultaneous push to clear underperforming.

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