Dutch american friendship treaty business plan

We would have had to satisfy a points-based test and to have invested a significantly higher amount of capital into the business.

Dutch american friendship treaty business plan

This page is under construction. You must meet the following conditions: You operate your business between the US and the Netherlands. You start a new business opportunity and represent an American in the Netherlands or you start a profession in which you have invested a substantial capital.

dutch american friendship treaty business plan

You have a valid travel document for example a passport. You are not a risk to public order and national security. You have not previously stayed in the Netherlands illegally.

You have not given false information or have withheld important information to support any previous applications. If you meet these conditions, read on. Depending on the time of year, your actual appointment may be weeks after you call the IND.

dutch american friendship treaty business plan

As an American, you have 90 days to stay in the EU. This temporary visa will allow you to stay beyond the 90 days. As part of the application, you need to submit the following documents: Copies of all the pages containing the identity details of your passport, including all pages containing travel stamps.

An original certificate of the registration at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce not older than 3 months. A bank statement of the business showing the amount invested, as well as an opening balance sheet.

Financial evidence supporting the application must be checked by a certified external expert a chartered accountant, an accounting consultant, an accountant or a financial advisor.

In order to meet the last two criteria you will need your BSN number or Dutch social security number. You will not be able to get this number without this first meeting with the IND as the municipality needs specific documentation from the IND in order to process your BSN application.

You can go to the city and register prior to your meeting but they will not assign you a BSN number until after you have met with the IND. Setting the appointment with the IND is your first critical step to get all the other elements of your application started.

Steps 3 and 4 may occur one before the other depending on when your appointments are scheduled. A valid US passport The application form completed to the best of your ability The fee You will usually have to bring this in cash unless you have a Dutch pin card. Since you need a BSN number to start a Dutch bank account, the latter is unlikely.

Check the link for the latest fee as this does change frequently. And take note of the fee when you made your appointment. In case the fee changes between when you called and when you actually arrived, you may be able to negotiate paying the lower fee.

Certifying Documents under the Apostille Convention

In the three weeks between setting my appointment and my actual appointment, the fee doubled. At the meeting they will enter you in the system, take your fee, a picture, and images of your fingerprints and iris. You will also receive an extension to your visa, usually 6 months. The IND will request from you via post any missing information that you will need to complete the application.

Essentially, by meeting with the IND, you are adding time to your visa and buying time to complete the application process. You will need your BSN for all the official forms you will complete in the process.

All residents of the Netherlands have to be registered with the city within four months of arrival; the requirements and process differ depending on your citizenship and residence status.It is only with this registration that a healthcare provider with a foreign diploma may operate in the Netherlands as a self-employed person.

Dutch American Friendship Treaty and Dutch Japanese Trade Treaty. The Dutch American Friendship Treaty (DAFT) or the Dutch American Residency Treaty enables United States citizens, working on a self-employed basis, to receive a residence permit in the Netherlands and its territories.

If you are a US Citizen, want to move to the Netherlands to set up residency here and are willing to work here as.

Notes from Our DAFT Immigration Consultation Call

Wikipedia: The Dutch-American Friendship Treaty (also known as DAFT or Dutch American Residency Treaty) is an agreement between the United States and the Netherlands signed into law at The Hague on March 27, [1] The treaty is a treaty of friendship, commerce and navigation with protocols.

– Need business plan with . DAFT, shortcut EU residency for Americans US citizens can, thanks to the Dutch American Friendship Treaty, apply for a Dutch residence permit for the purpose of self-employment. The requirements are very easy to meet and the permit is an eligible pathway to citizenship.

A special treaty, the Dutch American Friendship Treaty (DAFT), between the US and the Netherlands (and also interestingly, between Japan and the Netherlands) allows for a much easier path to residency for US citizens.

so for our business plan, we simply provided a description of our business and list of assets along with past business . First of all, I was able to use the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty with ease because I was already living in the Netherlands as a resident with a Zoekjaar/Search Year Permit for recently graduated students.* In short, the Search Year permit allowed me to do many things, including.

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