Essays on their eyes were watching god

Personalized approach Summary and Analysis This their eyes were watching god essay paper offers a summary and analysis of the book. It will give an insight into the themes, the structure of the book, the roles of the different characters, symbolism, and motifs used by Zora Neale. There are quite a variety of their eyes were watching god essay questions that one will encounter relating to the different aspects of the book.

Essays on their eyes were watching god

It is also considered to be among the most influential literary works ever to be written on African Americans and their society as a whole. This is because the author, Hurston has put to use a narrative structure that is quite interesting, therefore dividing the story between idiomatic discourse and literary narration Hurston 3.

The manner, in which the characters speak, in this case Janie, usually acts as a reflection of their personalities and individualism. Although the novel does present different themes, silence and voice are considered to be among the themes that are widely studied.

In Their Eyes Were Watching God, she finds the strength to make this certain, despite the fact that she is an African American woman, who stands disadvantaged within her society. There are different issues of speech that are faced and tackled within the book, Their Eyes Were Watching God, while discussing in depth the role of silence and how it is changed within the book.

She acts as the driving force behind the thematic commentary and narrative as a whole. Several literary critics have made comments, on the use of voice within the novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God.

Hurston also relates to Janie to a mule.

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This is used as symbolism, and it refers to the discrepancy that is present between silence and speech. It enhances her characterization of a woman within the novel. Hurston, puts into use the dichotomy that is present between the mule and Janie, in such a way that it brings to light, both her identity and her voice.

It also stands symbolic of the slavery symbol. The first appearance of the mule within the novel is used to show Janie and her silencing ability.

It talks of the coming together of the community after a hard day of work. During work hours, this same community hardly has any time for communicating, as their focus is solely placed on serving their masters. This kind of work condition is what has led to the silencing of the community.

The mules in this case refer to their masters, who signify the oppressive voice that is present within the novel. Another instance where silence is clearly seen in the book, takes place when Janie begins her first steps towards attaining her womanhood. The advice that she receives from her grandmother, give a good reflection of the plight that black women face within the society.

Essays on their eyes were watching god

The advice that nanny gives, its intertwining with mules and silencing of the women, raise some questions such as whether a woman from the African American race will ever have the voice to speak about her emotions and diverse ideas that she may have.

The mule is also seen much later within the novel, when Logan decides to purchase one for Janie so that she can use it when plowing the fields. This acts a symbol, as Janie is considered to be transforming into one of the mules. This is seen when she becomes even more silent.

It is after a while that she meets Jody, who convinces her that there is more to her life than living within the confines and holding on to her role as a mule. It is from their conversation, that Janie is enlightened on how foolish it is for them to be silenced.

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As the story commences we see that Jody asking Janie if she would run away with him Hurston 98 This in some way is asking her to stand up for her self and voice her own mind and choices. Haurykiewicz mentions that it is this act, that Jody takes to help Janie be free, that eventually starts her on the path towards acquiring her persona voice.

The voice she is in search for is also symbolic of her autonomy as a woman. Change of the Silent Role As the novel continues to unfold, the theme of silence or the mule imagery, which is used within the Their Eyes Were Watching God, is not as ubiquitous.

Janie is successful in her journey from being the mule to Muliebrity.

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This success made it such that she was capable of voicing out her emotions and her ideas, something that was impossible to do before.

However, there are some instances where she still is restricted. Her opinions and feelings can only be voiced to a certain degree and not to its entirety Hurston The author, Hurston ultimately uses the mule as a way of helping the readers to understand the inhumane treatment that society places of the woman, and especially those of African American descent.

The author also uses Janie as a symbol that hardships can indeed be overcome. The author delves deeper to show the different problems that are faced by women, who are unable to achieve their voice within the novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God.

She uses different techniques in order to illustrate different inferiority levels Hurston All the men that Janie is with have voices of their own. It is observed that when as her voice continues to develop, there is a noted improvement in her relationships.

Although there are several attempts for Janie to voice her emotions and opinions, there is still silence as this personal voice is yet to be recognized and acknowledged.Critical Essays Major Themes of Their Eyes Were Watching God Bookmark this page Manage My Reading List The most prevalent themes in Their Eyes Were Watching God involve Janie's search for unconditional, true, and fulfilling love.

We live in a society full of expectation. We are expected to graduate from high school, get a job, and get married. Women are taught from childhood to dream of marriage and to add it as a major.

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Jesse (JesseTheReader) said: I have mixed feelings on this book. On one hand I loved. Essays and criticism on Zora Neale Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God - Critical Essays.

Essays on their eyes were watching god

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