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Bechdel introduces Fun Home with an illustrated photograph of her father in front of her family home. Spiegelman however is unable to represent the deceased in his own comic time frame. The photograph of his brother Richieu, who was born and died before Spiegelman himself was born, is the icon of his felt inability to represent the truth of memory. It is set alone in the centre of the page as the title of his second volume.

Fun home bechdel essay writer

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She is the author of world famous comic Fun Home, written in Fun Home is often referred to as Family Tragicomic. The presence of phase transitions and queerness in the comic has made it very famous among the comic with readers.

The comic has highlighted childhood and youth of the author in Pennsylvania, USA. The comic highlights the ups and downs in the life of the author surrounding around complexities in the relationship of the author with her father. Some of the main themes that have been mentioned in the book include sexual orientation, the roles of different genders, suicide, dysfunctional family and most importantly the roles that are played by the literature in understanding one's own self, life and family.

More than seven years were taken by the author to compose Fun Home as much time was needed by the author to process the book in accordance to her artistic needs.

She used to picture fun home bechdel essay writer photograph herself in each and every human figure. One of the main facts that need to be mentioned here is that both successful and critical success has been achieved by Fun Home.

Various critics have mentioned the book as being an important addition. Sean Wilsey mentioned in the New York Sunday Times Book Review that the book can be called a pioneer as the book has merged two important areas of literature as comic and memoir.

Several publications have mentioned the book as one of the best books of The book has been defined as one of the best books of the 21st century.

Plot and themes of Fun Home The comic is of a more nonlinear and a recursive nature. Newer themes are used for moving from one story to another in the comic book.

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The structure of the movie has been described as a labyrinth. The book starts from the outside and moves into the inside with newer and better situations. There are many scenes in which themes and scenes are recreated by the author in which there is an increased force of attachment that brings out the energy and memoir.

Secondly, the main structure of memoir is based on allusions.

fun home bechdel essay writer

These allusions have been gathered from various pieces of literature that include Greek myth as well as virtual arts. Family life and the adulthood of the author have been presented with the help of an allusive lens Alison The main theme of the comic book revolves around the childhood and adulthood of Bechdel's family.

The complex relationship between the author and her father is the main theme of the comic. Bruce Bechdel, father of Alison has been shown to work as a funeral director as well as a high school teacher. Beech Creek is the place where most of the childhood of Alison and his siblings has passed.

Funeral home is a family business in which Alison and her siblings grew up. The title of the book comes from the nickname that has been given by the family nickname given to the funeral home. The name of the book is ironic as it also refers more ironically to the tyrannical rule of her father.

From here, it can be seen that the father of Alison has two main occupations and these are perfectly reflected in the book's main focus on death as well as literature. The beginning of the book is based on the obsession of Alison's father for restoration of the family's Victorian home.

This is the obsession that distances him from his family.

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This distancing is expressed by the father of the author with cold behavior and abusive bouts. This emotional distance has also been highlighted as the main reason of Alison's father becoming a homosexual. The element of sexuality has been highlighted by the author by adding that the author had homosexual relationships with many of his male students, babysitters, and friends.Excerpt from Essay: Comic Book Fun Home "Fun Home" by Alison Bechdel American writer Alison Bechdel has been known as one of the most famous writers.

She is the author of world famous comic Fun Home, written in Fun Home is often referred to as Family Tragicomic. The graphic memoir Fun Home starts with the adult Alison Bechdel narrating over images of her childhood. The first panel shows Alison approaching her father Bruce, who is lying on the floor and puts his feet in the middle of her chest to launch her in the air for a game of “airplane.”.

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Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home Source Document: Alison Bechdel’s “Fun Home” Essay Question: Bechdel begins and ends Fun Home by invoking the myth of Daedalus.

In Fun Home these behaviors emerge as her father's shoplifting, speeding, lying, and the rages that Bechdel herself so often experienced as a child (). Bechdel's pathological behaviors emerge as an obsessive compulsive disorder when she is a young adolescent, and those OCD experiences are highlighted by her journals.

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