How to write a reference list on a resume

Want more free resources to aid your job search? Check out our downloadable resume samples and cover letter examples. How to Choose your Professional References Your Options The best references are often managers or former colleagues because they have first-hand knowledge of your skill and abilities in a work environment.

How to write a reference list on a resume

Another consideration for electronic resume documents is that they are parsed with natural language processors. Resume parsers may correctly interpret some parts of the content of the resume but not other parts.

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A reverse chronological resume lists a candidate's job experiences in chronological order, generally covering the previous 10 to 15 years.

Positions are listed with starting and ending dates. Current positions on a resume typically list the starting date to the present. The reverse chronological resume format is most commonly used by those who are not professional resume writers.

My approach to resume writing involves the use of a skill set based approach and that means when a recruiter or hiring manager opens the resume they first read skill sets that have been acquired throughout the candidate's career.

More importantly, the skill sets listed are directly related to the job or career the candidate is interested in.

how to write a reference list on a resume

This can change the entire perspective of the candidate when viewed by a potential employer as now they are viewed beyond the current job they hold.

This is an especially helpful approach for anyone who is interested in changing jobs or careers. Summary of Qualifications -- is a short paragraph that summarizes your experience and skills.

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I have 8 years experience working on all p samples for metals C. Including work with a wide variety of instruments and computers. Was second-in-command of a lab with 8 technicians.Including a reference page (a document that contains a list of your references) with your résumé is essential.

Your references are individuals who know you fairly well and who can vouch for your ability to work hard and do well at a position for which you are applying. It is becoming increasingly more common to include a separate reference page with the résumé, rather than including the.

For instance, you could write "Reference Name was my supervisor while I was an accountant at Smith Enterprises," or "Reference Name is my current employer." The list should include at least three professional references who can attest to your ability to perform the job you are applying for.

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Instead of sending it with your resume, bring your job reference page to the interview and offer it to the recruiter or manager only if you are asked for it.

how to write a reference list on a resume

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