Importance of indian army essay

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Importance of indian army essay

importance of indian army essay

Captain - three stars Major - Ashoka Lion Lt. There is only one truly elite part of the British Army, and that is the SAS; the term is justified here because they can take the best from other units.

Regiments which recruit direct from the population cannot really be called elite in my opinion. The most exceptional piece of equipage apart from their khukuris was their level of experience. On average the gurkha soldier served for at least 15 years.

To a young boy in Nepal during the 19th and early 20th centuries, an appointment as a soldier in a Gurkha unit would have been a tremendous accomplishment. They would have been set for life.

This should not be taken as meaning they would ever sit back having got on the bottom rung of the ladder -- all wanted and still do to stay as long as possible and be promoted as far as possible. Although at one level Gurkhas are very good at accepting heirarchy, and always respect people older than themselves, paradoxically they are very egalitarian among their peers, and often very resentful when not picked for further promotion.

There is mention of the 'kookrie' as being an 'official piece of equipment' as early as They are Gurkhas and they have always carried a khukuri. No time periods are specified. You take into combat what you need to get the job done. Inspections and parades were probably a different story as to what to carry.

I never paid much attention to it but I believe, for example, that a kami is a higher caste than a butcher but both are still untouchables.

The caste system has been outlawed in both India and Nepal but it is still observed to some degree, especially in rural areas. At one time it had a distinct effect on one's life. The kami who made the khukuri that killed the bear would not enter my father-in-law's home except for funeral or wedding if invited.

However, since the caste system was outlawed things have improved and I believe today the Prime Minister of India is an untouchable. A nasty practice in my opinion but in the old days it helped keep social order and gave everyone in society a "place.

Buddhists, like my father-in-law, were for years denied entry into Gorkha service, the notion being they were too peaceful to make decent Gorkhas. But, after trying a few Buddhists it was found that they are much like Christians --"thou shalt not kill" except in the line of duty.

These pictures demonstrate that some formal military training with the khukuri currently exists. The Bando community seemed convinced there was rigorous training.

Sonam whose father was a Gorkha commander commented he had never seen any formal training during his many years of living in Gorkha camps. I knew that my father in law had a few combat moves but they were simple -- head, gut, and thigh strikes but I had never asked him about formal training.

So, to put the record straight I asked my brother-in-law, Jeevan, to survey at least 30 Gorkha vets, both old and young, back in Nepal, the birthplace and home of the Gorkhas, and ask them what training they had received in khukuri combat so we would have the real story straight from the horses mouth, so to speak.

Here is Jeevan's reply verbatim as he wrote it in a bit stilted but I think comprehensible English and I have a couple of explanatory comments in parenthesis tossed in. Here is what he wrote: Sorry keeping you waiting for messages.

Sometime my side business makes me really crazy and I can not handle all the jobs immediately. Anyway, here I come with some informations you asked in previous mail. Nepali are not given a special training on Khukuri because Khukuri is one of Nepal's national weapon. Further as Nepalese uses Khukuri on most of the occasions, they don't think its in need to give them training on Khukuri.

Essay on Indian Defence and Security - Important India

Pala father-in-law had used Khukuri during his period 's in Indian Army for going to forest and cutting the bushes which blocked their way.National Defence and security is of prime importance for any Government or nation.

Indian Defence, broadly speaking, falls into three categories: Land Defence, Naval Defence and Aerial Defence which are executed .

Essay on Importance of Indian Army – Essay 2 ( words) Introduction. Asking about the importance of Indian Army in India is like asking the importance of heart in a human body.

It would not be wrong to say that there would be no India without Indian Army. It is the backbone of the country. This essay delves deeply into the origins of the Vietnam War, critiques U.S. justifications for intervention, examines the brutal conduct of the war, and discusses the . Is the Army an important institution in a country?

If YES, then what are some of the importance of the army to a country? The army is one of the most. The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University houses writing resources and instructional material, and we provide these as a free service of the Writing Lab at Purdue.

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The Indian Army’s Role in Nation Building. By Nitin Gokhale • August 14, ; 0. 0. The Indian army also has a unique distinction of helping create a nation (Bangladesh) in the neighborhood and then quietly walking away to let the people take charge. By contrast, the Pakistani Army has never really allowed democracy to flourish in its.

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