Internship reports of audit firms

Our teams identify and analyze risks in our businesses and evaluate how we control those. We expect you to have the highest standards of integrity and professionalism with a strong work ethic. You should be able to clearly communicate with all types of people and provide advice to our businesses.

Internship reports of audit firms

Before the end of my summer term I have to pick between audit and tax.

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My question is, how do they really differ on a day-to-day basis on the job? Are the promotion tracks similar? Chances to make partner the same or different? I see audit as something that will always be around. I like it because it gives you the chance to observe a lot of different companies and figure out your niche.

Tax codes may change, but everyone will always need an audit. I sat in on a corporate taxation course on my campus visit and the prof made it seem extremely interesting. Thanks for the input! Some of the differences are outlined below.

Internship reports of audit firms

The key difference between the two is that tax will likely lead to more tax roles. Overview of Big 4 Audit Roles Big four audit will pay less in the beginning.

However, with audit you develop a strong foundation in accounting. Additionally you will have more client exposure. Compensation is generally between 50k and 55k.

Generally lower starting pay Big 4 Tax Positions Explained Working in tax gives you the opportunity to build a skill set to start a private practice. This can become quit lucrative especially if you decide to specialize.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Working in Tax Pros In depth tax knowledge that can be applied to a private practice Less competitive than auditing or consulting Generally higher starting pay Extremely montenous work if you do not enjoy it Intense work schedule especially during busy seasons Less client oriented work Hard to exit to a non tax role Decided to Pursue a Wall Street Career?

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Different kinds of audit services are carried out by the department such as internal audit, statutory audit, final audit, and interim audit. All kinds of audit services are offered to the companies willing to get their audit done by the firm.4/4(10).

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Internship reports of audit firms

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