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Module details Am I ready? Module registration Study materials What you will study Your studies will help you maintain the currency and relevance of your practice in an ever-changing healthcare environment. The module is made up of five blocks of study with concurrent practice-based learning. The order of the blocks is subject to change, but at present they are arranged as follows:

Kyn117 tma 01

Comparing and contrasting childhood studies and child psychology A What are the main features of Childhood Studies?

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It is global and universal, and it means different things to diverse people and cultures. For instance, the Ethnographic approach and qualitative research on childhood are based upon observation of children in their natural settings.

He also interacted with the children, asking them questions and playing with them; and, eventually, becoming part of the group and considered as a friend by the children themselves. Similarly, a more innovative psychological way of studying childhood was developed by Bigelow and La Gaipa.

However, the rights that should be mentioned here are the rights to: Provision, Protection and Participation; also stating that the participatory right is the most controversial as it may conflict with provision and protection.

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The studies analyse the historical, cultural and literary influences regarding the standard views on childhood and the notions and preconceptions that a specific culture possesses concerning children and young people. Nevertheless, childhood is a very unique experience and it changes through time, place and cultural contexts.

It is fundamentally focused in the changes that occur to people, from birth to adulthood; and how these changes occur in distinct stages of development.

Such stages are analogous to developmental milestones that children achieve during their developmental years, which are consistent with their age group. Initially, developmental psychology was based on scientific experiments in clinics and nurseries, where psychologists observed coetaneous children, enabling standardizations and norms, based on the average competences and accomplishments of children at a particular stage of development; and assessing for normality according to pre-established norms.

Developmental psychology is also interested in the importance of attachment between children and parents and the influence this has throughout their lives.

There are specializations, for instance: Educational Psychologists, who work with children and adolescents who are experiencing learning, social or emotional difficulties within an educational setting.

Their work also involves an assessment of the child using observation, interviews and test materials. They also offer a broad range of appropriate interventions, such as learning programmes. Likewise, Clinical psychologists work with children and young people who exhibit developmental and psychological disabilities.

Their methods are psychological or behavioural testing and assessment; intervention, such as psychotherapy; and they also create preventive programs, e. They are also interested in understanding biological and social differences between genders.

In contrast, Child Psychology is concerned with a more analytical observation and scientific evaluation and testing; it studies children from birth to adulthood and it is primarily concerned in understanding children in terms of physical, mental and emotional development — and their behaviour — throughout their developmental years.

It also studies children in order to better understand the human nature. Self-reflection a How have you found the experience of completing your first assignment? I have found it very demanding, but also challenging.

Kyn117 tma 01

However, it certainly helped me in order to reinforce my previous knowledge on the subjects and to learn and develop new skills. I love reading the course textbook Reader and I am also enjoying most of the online activities. I am also hoping we will have more interesting videos to watch and not only audio material to listen to.

I am also hoping to be able to properly identify the difference between academic views and popular beliefs regarding childhood. Transaction Publishers, at [Online], Available at http:Apr 09,  · Check out our top Free Essays on K Tma 01 to help you write your own Essay.

TMA01 E Uploaded by. ( words) b) What skills or experience will you carry forward into TMA 02? I am improving my “note-taking” skills and I am also becoming more proficient in skimming and scanning. I’m trying to apply the principles: “work smarter not harder” and the “Four D’s”.

I’ve also learned to better organise. Enhancing your healthcare practice. This online, practice-based module is designed for healthcare support workers in a diverse range of healthcare settings. Registration closes 10/01/ This module is expected to start for the last time in September To register for this module, please refer to the entry requirements and contact our.

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8th TMA PhD School – Hands on Big Data for TMA. Following the success of the previous editions, the 8th TMA PhD School will take place on June 25th and 26th in Vienna, Austria, at the Tech Gate tower premises, hosted by the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology.

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