My life in india vs life

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My life in india vs life

Life in India and the 9 important life lessons India taught me I spent one year in India, mostly living in Delhibut I also traveled around a lot. I spent a year in a completely different environment from anything I ever saw before. I went through thick and thin and I grew a lot as a person.

India turned out to be a great teacher and this article is about the 9 important life lessons India taught me. It was only after completely opening my mind and starting to adopt pieces of the Indian way of perceiving things, that I realized that the problem was me.

India was the first country in Asia that I visited and my mind was just used to the western way of thinking and doing things. After completely opening my mind I had a real revelation as I was walking the crowded streets of Old Delhi.

My life in india vs life

If you look hard enough, you will get to understand that there is a purpose in all of our experiences, no matter whether they are good or bad. The people that live here have nothing.

As I walked around the slums I could see people, thrash, dirt and poorly constructed houses where bricks and cement are a rare sight. But still, I could see a lot of happy faces.

I could see kids enjoying their innocent games on the streets with joy on their faces. Without these things life becomes meaningless. It takes some time to start loving the country and their way of doing things. Take the time and travel as slowly as you can. And while traveling, your best companions should be your open mind and your patience.

You should immerse yourself in the local life instead of going for sight-seeing and leave right away.

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Instead, they will come after they finish the thing that they were doing before that. And this happens everywhere, in the public transport, in the corporate world, in the bank, and even when meeting with friends. But why would you pay for the machine when you can improvise a solution a. Jugaad is basically a home-made substitution for practically everything.

Most Indians have this hidden engineering part of their brain that can fix anything with a Jugaad. I also started applying this principle in my life after some time. All of the offers I could find were for the entire season.

So instead, I always used to put cold water bottles and ice cubes on the fan and the cold drops circulating around the room really made a difference. Action rather than words It was difficult in the beginning.

Those kinds of things would be even considered rude where I come from. But once you have close Indian friends, you get to understand that they will always be there for you, no matter what. They see helping you as their duty. If you get rid of the formalities, life can be much easy.

Just show your appreciation for someone with your guests, not with your words. Just think about it: Saying thank you to your mom for preparing a meal or waiting for her to sit down so you can all enjoy the meal together?

I was even starting to be judgmental. Besides all the jugaads, I was getting frustrated by the lack of societal solutions.

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I was even starting to think less about Indians and was wondering if I am actually becoming a bad person. After some time I started reading some ancient books when I had another revelation.Living in India can offer expats a taste of life in an exotic and diverse place.

It is a bright and vibrant country with an eclectic mix of different cultures and people. India is a huge country whose population currently represents a sixth of the world's total population. The RAW vs JPEG topic seems like a never ending debate in photography.

Some photographers say shoot RAW, while others say shoot JPEG. What is RAW format in digital photography? What are the advantages and disadvantages of RAW versus JPEG and why?

Should you shoot in RAW or JPEG? Will shooting in RAW. I’m only 6 years removed from the life of a high schooler so I still have a fresh memory of my teenage years in America.

Now teaching at a Thai high school, it’s funny to note the differences between American and Thai high school students. I spent one year in India, mostly living in Delhi, but I also traveled around a traveling is the world’s greatest teacher.

Following the premise ‘the best life-changing decisions are made without overthinking, I booked my flight after passing the job interview and I was on my way.

Dec 18,  · The world does not need another term to discuss the same concept of creating a meaningful existence where enjoyment exists amongst all areas of an individual’s life. Jul 27,  · " It's My Life what ever I wanna Do " is a non-fictional,psychological and philosophical Song written by Me.

My Life inspired me to write the lyrics, lyrics inspired me to compose tune, lyrics and.

My life in india vs life
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