Photographically changing the world

This is especially true if you only have two or three days on location. It has happened to me, many times.

Photographically changing the world

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The pinks, the oranges, and the yellows burn an image in our minds that is unlike anything else. To get a good image of a sunset, it really helps to use manual settings.

To get that glow, I am constantly tweaking my shutter speed and checking the image that results on the LCD. Those of you with point-and-shoot cameras might not have a manual mode.

Photographically changing the world

Sunset mode is usually represented with a little icon of a sun going down over the horizon. Just start taking photos as the sun goes down. Which aperture should you pick? If there is still a lot of light, pick F As the sun goes down further, I usually end up lowering my aperture so I can get a little bit more light through the lens.

Zoom in more Try to fill the frame with the sunset you are photographing.

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It will make your image a lot more interesting. Most amateur pictures of the sunset are taken from too far away. This is highly distracting, and it takes away from the meaning of the shot. The best sunset photos happen when there are just enough clouds to reflect the purples and pinks as the sun goes down.

Up to a certain point, the more clouds the better. Sometimes there are so many clouds that they effectively block out the sun, and that pretty much destroys all those pretty colors. And this leads me to my final point.

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I was born and raised in Northern Ireland and first discovered photography at the age of 16 after I took a few photos with a camera from my friend’s dad.

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