Pmi project management

Overview[ edit ] The PMI serves more than 2. Its services include the development of standards, research, education, publication, networking-opportunities in local chapters, hosting conferences and training seminars, and providing accreditation in project management.

Pmi project management

The act of formally receiving or acknowledging something and regarding it as being true, sound, suitable, or complete. Those criteria, including performance requirements and essential conditions, which must be met before project deliverables are accepted. Acquire Project Team [Process]. The process of obtaining the human resources needed to complete the project.

A component of work performed during the course of a project. See also schedule activity. Multiple attributes associated with each schedule activity that can be included within the activity list.

Activity attributes include activity codes, predecessor activities, successor activities, logical relationships, leads and lags, resource requirements, imposed dates, constraints, and assumptions.

One or more numerical or text values that identify characteristics of the work or in some way categorize the schedule activity that allows filtering and ordering of activities within reports.

The process of identifying the specific schedule activities that need to be performed to produce the various project deliverables.

A short phrase or label for each schedule activity used in conjunction with an activity identifier to differentiate that project schedule activity from other schedule activities.

The activity description normally describes the scope of work of the schedule activity. The time in calendar units between the start and finish of a schedule activity.

See also actual duration, original duration, and remaining duration. Activity Duration Estimating [Process]. The process of estimating the number of work periods that will be needed to complete individual schedule activities. Typically unique within any one project schedule network diagram.

A documented tabulation of schedule activities that shows the activity description, activity identifier, and a sufficiently detailed scope of work description so project team members understand what work is to be performed.

See arrow diagramming method. See precedence diagramming method. Activity Resource Estimating [Process]. The process of estimating the types and quantities of resources required to perform each schedule activity.

The process of identifying and documenting dependencies among schedule activities. Total costs actually incurred and recorded in accomplishing work performed during a given time period for a schedule activity or work breakdown structure component.

Actual cost can sometimes be direct labor hours alone, direct costs alone, or all costs including indirect costs. Also referred to as the actual cost of work performed ACWP. See also earned value management and earned value technique. See actual cost AC. The time in calendar units between the actual start date of the schedule activity and either the data date of the project schedule if the schedule activity is in progress or the actual finish date if the schedule activity is complete.

Actual Finish Date AF. The point in time that work actually ended on a schedule activity. The point in time that work actually started on a schedule activity. An estimating technique that uses the values of parameters, such as scope, cost, budget, and duration or measures of scale such as size, weight, and complexity from a previous, similar activity as the basis for estimating the same parameter or measure for a future activity.

It is frequently used to estimate aparameter when there is a limited amount of detailed information about the project e. Analogous estimating is a form of expert judgment. Analogous estimating is most reliable when the previous activities are similar in fact and not just in appearance, and the project team members preparing the estimates have the needed expertise.

A category of projects that have common components significant in suchprojects, but are not needed or present in all projects. Application areas can overlap. Glossary Apportioned Effort AE.

What is PMI in Project Management? - Project Management Guide

Effort applied to project work that is not readily divisible into discrete efforts for that work, but which is related in direct proportion to measurable discrete work efforts. Contrast with discrete effort. The act of formally confirming, sanctioning, ratifying, or agreeing to something.

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5 Basic Phases of Project Management. Project Management Institute, Inc.

Pmi project management

(PMI) defines project management as "the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to a broad range of activities in order to meet the requirements of a particular project."The process of directing and controlling a project from start to finish may be further divided .

PMI membership signifies that you’re serious about your project management career and your professional development. It highlights this dedication to employers, colleagues and stakeholders, giving you an edge in the job market. PMI Certification Information - Learn more about the tests offered by Prometric by visiting the PMI Web site.

Locate a paper-based test event Project Management Professional (PMP)® Handbook. Glossary – Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) Third Edition.

A. Accept. The act of formally receiving or acknowledging something and regarding it as being true, sound, suitable, or complete. Acceptance. We are Philip Morris International (PMI), a leading tobacco company, and we are committed to designing a smoke-free future.

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