Resume writing australia review

Affiliate Programs Professional Resume Writers Services Reviews Every job hunter looking for a suitable job knows he has to spend the maximum of his free time doing a stressful job search. This includes working hard on applications and documents, particularly your resume.

Resume writing australia review

By Kate Southam, Editor of careerone. The thought of writing a resume fills many people with dread. However, all you need is a plan that covers both lay out and content. The plan below should help you produce a resume that is easy to read and packed with facts employers want to know.

Contact details Centre contact details at the top of the page.

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Include name, address, phone number, mobile and email. Only use professional-sounding email addresses.

Emails used by couples or zany nicknames like evilpixie should be replaced. This is a marketing document promoting you so use some variation of your name. Birth date and marital status You are not legally obliged to include either detail.

Including marital status in this day and age just looks plain weird to me. As for age, MANY recruiters advise against it - there is just too much age prejudice out there. However, if you think displaying your birth date would be an advantage to you, then go ahead.

Font style should be easy to read like 11 point Times New Roman or Arial. Centring contact details and your Career history or Career summary see next section is fine and then placing the other information flush left. Bold for headings is easier to read than bold and underline overkill.

Use dot points if you want, but just the one type. I have seen resumes with a variety of dot points. The content of the resume is the most important thing. Summarising your strengths upfront You can do this two ways. Either via a list of Key Strengths represented as dot points or by creating a section under a heading like Career Profile.

Key Strengths Based on my conversations with recruitment consultants, a Key Strengths area represented with dot points is the popular option. The aim of the section is to give the person reading your resume a quick snapshot of what you have to offer so they place you in the short list pile.

resume writing australia review

High level computer skills including Excel, Word and Powerpoint. Five years experience in customer service both face-to-face and phone based. And you fill in the rest. As a guide, four to six points is good but there is no real rule.

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Another tip, be specific. Excellent written and verbal communication skills acquired via study and customer service work. Many people start a resume with a Career Objective.

I think this is fine for school leavers or recent uni grads. For the rest of us, a Career Profile or Career Overview might be better. A Career Objective details what you expect an employer to do for you.

Employers want to know what you are going to do for them. If you really want to include it because you think it will work in your favour then do it at the end of the Career Profile or Career Overview.

For example, "While currently a product manager, my career goal is to move into general management". A Career Overview should provide the reader with a quick preview of what he or she will find in your resume. It is there to make sure they actually read through your resume.

It should be a few sentences and written as one paragraph. It should include a smattering of your professional, academic and industry training.We’ve consistently held a 5-star review rating on Google for the past 7 years. These are just a few of our success stories.

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The thought of writing a resume fills many people with dread. Make life easy for yourself and follow these step-by-step tips. Resume writing - Australian Style - find career advice, review employment news and search for jobs at | Here is the definitive list of Sydney's Resume Writing Services as rated by the Sydney, NSW community.

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