Societal issues in the pearl essay

The next day, the United States and Britain declared war on Japan. Two months later, on February 19,the lives of thousands of Japanese Americans were dramatically changed when President Franklin D.

Societal issues in the pearl essay

Produced in association with Visible Knowledge Project Songs serve to unify groups of people and to move them to common action or help them express common emotions.

Songs, singers, and genres also help people construct self-images and provide models for how to behave.

Societal issues in the pearl essay

They do this, moreover, in several ways. One is by how the singer represents him or herself: Genres such as punk rock or bebop provided fans with styles of dress, slang, and non-conformist identities.

Societal issues in the pearl essay

Song lyrics also express judgments—and even conflicts—about lifestyles, values, and appearances. In the early s, for example, Neil Young released two songs expressing anti-southern opinions: These songs are then used to illustrate what historians already think they know about that society and culture.

On one level, this view of music makes sense: But such a view is also highly simplistic. For one thing, it ignores the fact that songs exist in relation to other popular texts, including other songs.

The assumption that songs merely reflect their times also ignores the fact that songs are almost always open to multiple interpretations. Yet the lyricist, Leonard Lipton, claimed that the song was about loss of childhood innocence. The richness of using songs as sources for understanding history—and the need to delve deeply into the available evidence when doing so—lies in their openness to such multiple uses and interpretations.

The fact that multiple uses and interpretations exist, however, points to another important aspect of music: Musicians and their audiences are social actors; while they reflect the world around them, they also interpret and change it.

In cases like this, songs are most valuable for telling us what concerned people, how they saw issues, and how they expressed their hopes, ideals, anger, and frustrations. Many historians have used song lyrics to help understand the culture and consciousness of the people who sang and listened to them.

Especially when considering people who left few written accounts of their lives, song lyrics can give important clues about what people thought and felt, their daily struggles, and their dreams about the future.

Read the following lyrics. What information do they provide about the lives of the people who created them? What stories can you tell about the singers based upon the lyrics? Informer slave Frederick Douglass related hearing the following song improvised by southern slaves: The scope of work done by southern slaves in the s?

The troubles facing cotton farmers in ? Yes Gender relations within farm families? Yes No The classic blues of the s provided many female African-American singers a new public space to discuss their lives and assert control over their own careers and images.

You better get away from that door. Came back home, about a year, looking for his high brown. Went to his accustomed door And he knocked his knock of four His wife, she came, but to his shame, She knew his face no more.

I used to be your lovely mate, But the judge done changed my fate.THE FAMILY LIFESTYLE IN NIGERIA By Morire OreOluwapo LABEODAN School of Statistics and Actuarial Science University of the Witwatersrand Private Bag 3, these societal norms cut across the nation irrespective of age, educational achievement, religion, marital status and so on.

With the gradual introduction of western lifestyle and. On December 7, , Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. The next day, the United States and Britain declared war on Japan. Two months later, on February 19, , the lives of thousands of Japanese Americans were dramatically changed when President Franklin D.

Roosevelt signed Executive Order (view the Order). The Most Popular Social Issues of See where voters are polling on the most popular Social issues of John Steinbeck’s The Pearl is a tale of a poor Indian family who stumbles upon the greatest pearl in the world.

Headed by a man named Kino and his supporting wife Juana, they both are determined to live a wealthy life no matter what the cost.

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The Doctor. BACK; NEXT ; Character Analysis. Quick reminder, Shmoopers: The Pearl is a parable—the intention of this story is to illustrate a moral lesson rather than tell a story complete with nuanced, complex characters. Why are we reminding you of this? Because The Doctor is about the least nuanced character in this entire novel.

What Can Songs Tell Us About People and Society?