Swot analysis post office

SWOT analysis for project management is a simple, yet effective process. It allows the project manager to identify areas that needs improvement.

Swot analysis post office

For years, the United States Postal Service USPS has upgraded its service in an attempt to keep up with its competitors and make its products more accessible to its customers. However, the USPS has been struggling for years.

Just like Swot analysis post office other companies, USPS has turned to e-governance and provides a lot of its services via the internet. Computerized equipment sorts and distributes hundreds of millions of pieces of mail each day.

The USPS has attempted to work with its customers to better understand their needs and provide assistance with using its products.

With new shipping incentives such as flat rate shipping boxes, buying and shipping items online, and insurance on packages and tracking information, the USPS has made long strides to keep up. First-class mail is the USPS's best selling product and in the Postal Service reported a national 95 percent success rate in on-time overnight delivery, with a number of service areas achieving 97 percent on-time delivery.

To sum up, the USPS's strengths are their history as the oldest mailing system in the country, timeliness of deliveries, and upgrades in technology. United States postal workers take pride in processing, transporting, and delivering the mail to the people of our great country.

The USPS's customer service has severely deteriorated over the years and is perhaps the public's problem with this agency.

Swot analysis post office

Consumer Affairs has reported some of the public's complaints against the USPS and they all have to do with shipping as in losing a package, packages arriving in the wrong place, and most of all poor customer service. When I call back and try to get to a customer another way, it still blocks me.

This is a disgrace and I will never use them again. The USPS has to maintain its promise of delivering mail to every citizen and with that obligation come the costs of more than 36, postal outlets,vehicles, and processing facilities.

It has recently been discussed that many of these facilities are not needed, so why aren't they closed? The USPS faces "formidable resistance" from members of Congress and postal unions when attempting to close or consolidate facilities.

The USPS is required to serve all communities and if it will be closing a post office, they must inform the public and any person who is served by that post office has the right to appeal to the Postal Regulatory Commission.

Unfortunately, the USPS cannot close an operating facility simply due to a deficit. Clearly, in the private sector this is not the route taken. When stores are not performing well, they are closed, liquidated, and the company tried to recover costs.

Last year, the USPS proposed consolidating 3, postal outlets, but following a congressional outcry, the number under consideration was reduced to a Aside from Congress's micromanagement, the USPS has not been able to achieve the amount needed to save in cost savings, therefore, not offsetting the decline in revenue.Our Furniture Manufacturer SWOT Analysis will provide you with the comprehensive documentation that you will need in order to determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that your business will face as your develop or expand your business operations.

Swot analysis post office

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How to Use a SWOT Analysis Template

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SWOT analysis for project management is a simple, yet effective process. It allows the project manager to identify areas that needs improvement.

By implementing the correct methodologies for the analysis, it is possible to ensure that a project will be completed on time and within budget. SWOT.

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The strengths section of a SWOT analysis should look inward on an organization. This is the section where a college would identify the internal strengths it possesses. For example, some colleges cite in this section high enrollment, high student retention, low student to teacher ratios, high graduation rates, experienced and effective faculty.

The slides include a SWOT analysis diagram with a muscle man icon for the strengths, a broken link for the weaknesses, a 3-way arrow for the opportunities, and a bomb icon for the threats.

The slide variations include simple circle icons with text placeholders.

SWOT Analysis - Definition, Advantages and Limitations