Ted hughes thought fox essay

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Ted hughes thought fox essay

Auden and Stephen Spender. The poet starts the poem with the words that it is a lonely room in a dark night. The persona has a blank page before him and his fingers move on it. Outside it is all dark; even the stars are not there in the sky.

Yet deep in the darkness, the persona sees something moving and entering the loneliness. What the persona sees are two eyes that move in the darkness and leave their footprints on the snow.

Then a lame, cautious body in the form of an eye comes brilliantly and concentratedly toward the room.

The window is still without stars and is dark and lonely. The clock continues to tick and by now the page, the blank page has received the footprints of the thought-fox in the form of a poem.

Thought fox ted hughes analysis essay

What a poet needs to write a poem is inspiration. A poet waits for the onrush of an idea through his brain. And, of course, he also needs solitude loneliness and silence around him. Solitude and silence are, however, only contributory circumstances. The idea or thought takes shape in his head like a fox entering a dark forest and then coming out of it suddenly.

The fox embodies the thought which a poet expresses in his poem. The fox here serves as a symbol.

Ted hughes thought fox essay

What is remarkable about this poem, apart from its symbolic statement of the process of poetic composition, is its imagery. We have here a series of images in the poem, from the first line to the last; and every image is a vivid one.

Analysis of Poem "The Thought Fox" by Ted Hughes | Owlcation

The opening line contains the following image: Then follow the images of the lonely clock, the blank page, and the feeling that something else is also alive around the poet. There are no stars in the sky; and then the poet perceives something intruding upon his loneliness or solitude.

The two eyes of the fox seem to be moving forward.

Ted hughes thought fox essay

The fox is leaving clear footprints on the snow in the forest. A Poem without any Popular Appeal The Thought-Fox has greatly been admired by critics; but it does not have much of an appeal for the average reader. The poem contains an abstract idea which the poet has tried to concretize.

We, as average readers, cannot understand why a thought should be personified as a fox. To the popular mind, a fox represents cunning. We have all heard the story of the fox who cheated a crow of a piece of cheese which the crow held in its beak.

The fox employed flattery to make the crow open its beak so that the piece of cheese might fall from the beak for the fox to grab it. But in this poem the fox has been elevated to the status of a poetic idea.

Nor can we affirm that this poem is remarkable because of its felicity of word and phrase. The only remarkable quality of this poem is its imagery.Critical Analysis of The Thought Fox by Ted Hughes By Mahbub Murad in Academic, Literature, University; The Thought Fox Ted Hughes I imagine this midnight moment’s forest: Something else is alive Beside the clock’s loneliness And this blank page where my fingers move.

Through the window I see no star: Something more near. Thought fox ted hughes analysis essay. 5 stars based on 58 reviews urbanagricultureinitiative.com Essay. Essay on martin luther king jr philosophy of religion palestinian israeli conflict essay writing importance of political parties essay help.

Yale law essay Yale law. The thought fox By Ted Hughes The thought fox is a poem about writing a poem. The poet is sitting in a room late at night, it's dark outside and though he can't see anything he senses a presence.

The Theme of Nature in The Thought-Fox and Roe-Deer Various poems by Ted Hughes explore the world of nature and describe the power and mystery of animals. The Thought Fox.

Ted Hughes The Thought Fox. Ted Hughes. More by this poet. About the Poem. Forms. Themes. Animals; Imagination; Winter; Norton Anthology; About the poet. Ted Hughes () is a brooding presence in the landscape of 20th Century poetry, not Visit poet page. Links. Faber and Faber. Home / English Notes / Poetry / The Thought Fox by Ted Hughes In this article, we will discuss the poem The Thought Fox by Ted Hughes.

The poem is about how inspiration comes to him (in the form of a fox) into his mind and he ultimately inscribes it on the paper.

The Thought Fox by Ted Hughes | English Summary