The genogram as an assessment tool nursing essay

More Essay Examples on Family Rubric The case of Susan and Tom depicts how fragile family relationships are and whenever one member of the family experiences problems, the whole family is affected. After conducting the genogram interview with Susan and Tom, it is noted that pertinent themes abound in their lives that had been influenced by their own individual pasts. One of the common themes that Susan and Tom share is how they react and cope with family problems. Susan and Tom both tolerate sensitive issues in their past and their present family relationships.

The genogram as an assessment tool nursing essay

Nursing care assessment Essay: Nursing care assessment This assignment will discuss and analyse the nursing care given to an 85 year old female patient, during a four week hospital practice placement.

In order to fully comply with the Nursing and Midwifery Council NMC Code of Conductfull consent has been verbally granted by the patient to utilise personal clinical information for the purpose of this case study.

The genogram as an assessment tool nursing essay

To ensure patient anonymity, throughout this assignment the patient will be referred The genogram as an assessment tool nursing essay as Rose Swift.

Chapelhow et al states, in order for a novice to become an expert practitioner there are several enablers which are fundamental to the nursing care that Rose received. For the purpose of this assignment, the enablers of assessment and communication in relation to the care that Rose received will be discussed.

Background Rose Swift is a retired teacher, a widower and is a mother of two sons. After a short stay in a general medical ward for treatment of a urinary tract infection, Rose was transferred to an intermediate care ward for further rehabilitation, before being discharged home with a care package.

Prior to admisson Rose lived alone, was independantly mobile with a stick and would cook her own meals. Assessment The Royal Marsdenregards initial nursing assessments as a step to providing an individualised patient centered nursing care plan.

However, as cited by Chapelhowe et al nursing assessments are far from static.

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As part of the nursing assessment process, a set of individualised outcomes are agreed, in collaboration with the nurse, Rose and the multidisiplinary team.

For a successful assessment to take place, it is argued a sufficient baseline knowledge is required by the nurse Peate, In contrast however Chapelhowe, et al argue that base line knowledge alone is not enough. It is therefore considered that a combination of the two is thus required NMC, As the resusitation council points out, inital nursing assessments in acute settings enable preservation of life, by providing fast intervention where required, using the Airways, Breathing and Circulation ABC algorithm.

Recently however, there has been some criticism against MGCS regarding the tools ease of use Mattar, et al. McLernon questions if the MGCS tool is still fit for purpose, citing reduced reliability due to lack of clinical consistency and poor communication between professionals.

It is therefore suggested that a remedy of a uniformed approach and concise communication between professionals is essential, to ensure safe theraputic practice.

By utalising this knowledge, this enabled the nurse to apply her professional decision making skills, in order to continue with further assesssments which included a set of observations. A fundamental part of the asessment process, observations allow the nurse to obtain a baseline figure in order to carry out a continous assessment and evaluation, and enable the nurse to establish the level of care that Rose requires Wheatly, To identify the risk of Rose deteriorating further, as per Nursing and Midwifery Council guidelines, each quantitive result was charted correctly, concisely and legiblibly by the nurse and given a score using a modified early warning score MEWS Department of Health, After combining all results, the nurse was then able to establish that Rose was scoring a MEWS for a raised temperature and increased pulse in addition to a reduced MGCS.

By drawing on previous experience and knowledge, the nurse was able to evaluate the overall asssessment, to establish that the presenting symptoms could indicate Rose has some form of an infection. This could be the reason for the fall and delerium Schroeder, To rule out a urinary tract infection, a urine dip stick test on a midstream urine sample was conducted.

This test showed positive for leukocytes and nitrates, indicating a positive infection result Little, et al.

The genogram as an assessment tool nursing essay

Considered a dualistic approach, this model treats the mind and body as separate entities. Fast acting in its approach it treats the immediate problem Mehta, However, in order to provide truly effective care the biomedical model alone is simply not enough.

The psychosocial model should therefore also be considered, in order to treat Rose from a holistic perspective Chapelhowe, et al. It considers twelve fundamental concepts and provides a continuum in recognition that dependency can change throughout time Roper, et al.

Kearney argues however, that the care Rose receives maybe jeopardised using this model, due to its inflexibility and complex structure. To alleviate this, The Royal Marsden therefore advises that the nurse should use a pragmatic approach, and use the ADL framework as a guideline for professional decision making.

Due to Roses confused state and unsteady gait, assistance would now be required with washing, dressing, mobilising and other essential care needs as defined by the Department of Health in the Essence of Care guidelines.

Communication Effective communication is an essential skill which enables the expert nurse to build a therapeutic relationship with Rose Chapelhowe, et al. According to Dwamena, et al.

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Throughout Roses hospital journey there are many ways in which the nurse interacts with Rose. However, as cited by The Royal Marsdeninterpersonal communication skills are the most widely used medium in nursing and arguably the most important skill.The Importance Of Needs Assessment In Nursing Practice Nursing Essay.

Patient assessments concern the collection of data about an individual’s health state that identifies and defines patient problems in order for solutions to be planned and implemented in line with their preferences (Roper el at ).

Read this History Other Essay and over 88, other research documents. Family Assessment. One of our main objectives as future nurses is to understand individual patients is /5(1). PSYC Genogram Project A genogram is a type of family tree, but with more detailed information. It is often used as a diagnostic and assessment tool by physicians or counselors to obtain individual and family history in order to help in the establishment of a diagnosis and treatment plan.

A Genogram is a resourceful clinical tool that is being used by household healers and medical professions as an assessment tool to help in placing a patient ‘s of import household information (Shellenberger, et Al, , ). Genograms Assessment Essay.

Part 1. Family relationships are never simple and straightforward; it is wrought with interpersonal dynamics, communication patterns, parenting styles, child’s temperament, emotional expression, socialization, religion, cultural traditions and more (Gehart & Tuttle, ) - Genograms Assessment Essay introduction.

Assignment 2: Genogram,Ecomap, Family Hlth Promo Plan Instructions This assignment assesses intended course outcomes(s): 1. Apply the nursing process and evidence-based practice to accurately assess family and community health systems across the lifespan.

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