The verger case study

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The verger case study

The verger case study

Sir, I am directed to say that the Government of India have decided, after taking into consideration the recommendations made by the University Grants Commission UGC based on the decisions taken at the meeting of the Commission held on Octoberto revise the pay scales of teachers in the Central Universities.

The revision of pay scales of teachers shall be subject to various provisions of the Scheme of revision of pay scales as contained in this letter, and Regulations to be framed by the UGC in this behalf in accordance with the Scheme given below.

The revised pay scales and other provisions of the Scheme are as under: General i There shall be only three designations in respect of The verger case study in universities and colleges, namely, Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors.

However, there shall be no change in the present designation in respect of Library and Physical Education Personnel at various levels.

Each Pay Band shall have different stages of Academic Grade Pay which shall ensure that teachers and other equivalent cadres covered under this Scheme, subject to other conditions of eligibility being satisfied, have multiple opportunities for upward movement during their career.

The number of posts of Professors in a UG College shall be equivalent to 10 percent of the number of posts-of Associate Professors in that College. The pay structure for different categories of teachers and equivalent positions shall be as indicated below: Lecturers already in service in the pre-revised scale of Rs.

Phil degree or post-graduate degree in professional courses approved by the relevant Statutory Body, such as LL. No teacher other than those with a Ph. The UGC shall issue separate guidelines to ensure availability of minimum standards of academic infrastructure library, research facilities etc.

Pay Scales of Principals in Colleges: Scale i The posts of Assistant Librarian Sr. Scale in the pre-revised scale of pay of Rs.

They shall move to the Pay Band of Rs. Phiil and other higher qualification: Phil degree holders at the time of recruitment to the post of Assistant Professor shall be entitled to two non-compounded advance increments. D, in respect of either course-work or evaluation or both, as the case may be.

D, while in service only if such enrolment is with a university which complies with the entire process, including that of enrolment as prescribed by the UGC. If post graduate qualification in a particular subject is not a mandatory requirement at the entry level of recruitment, acquisition of such a qualification for in service candidates shall also entitle them to one advance increment.

The verger case study

D, at any time while in service, in the discipline of library science from a university complying with the process prescribed by the UGC in respect of enrolment, course-work and evaluation shall be entitled to three non-compounded advance increments.

D, in respect of either course — work or evaluation or both, as the case may be. Phil degree in Library Science at the entry level.

D in the discipline of Physical Education, at any time while in service from a university complying with the process prescribed by the UGC in respect of enrolment, course-work and evaluation shall be entitled to three noncompounded advance increments. Phil degree in Physical Education at the entry level.

Phil while in service, would not be entitled to benefits under this Scheme. Other terms and conditions: Consequent on upward revision of the age of superannuation of teachers, the Central Government has already authorized the Central Universities, vide Department of Higher Education D.

Re-employment beyond the age of superannuation shall, however, be done selectively, for a limited period of 3 years in the first instance and then for another further period of 2 years purely on the basis of merit, experience, area of specialization and peer group review and only against available vacant positions without affecting selection or promotion prospects of eligible teachers.This is probably the most comprehensive lists of old occupations you can find on the Internet with over entries.

Engindeniz, S., , The Valuation of Orchards: A Case Study for Fig Orchards in Turkey, International Journal of Strategic Property Management, 7(4) Vertical Case Studies: Culture, Context, Scale, and Comparison The vertical case study model is consistent with and complementary to the approaches recommended by Tobin and Verger for addressing dilemmas of culture, context, scale, and.

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The "Augustinus" and its condemnation

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