Writing an artist statement tips to save money

An artist statement is most often the front line of communication between an artist and the public. It will be used when you submit your portfolio to competitions, galleries, and museums. It may sometimes be displayed when people are viewing your works in person or on your website. How To Create A Professional Portfolio There are many paths to becoming an artist, through school or an apprenticeship, or through inspiration and self-teaching but no matter how you got there, being a professional artist means that you have to have an artist statement.

Writing an artist statement tips to save money

By Kathryn Knight Randolph August 20, As a college student, you know what it means to barely scrape by and pinch pennies. However, despite your attempts to live frugally, you could be missing out on money saving opportunities that are right in front of you. Check out these not-so-obvious ways to save money as a student.

Student Discounts Your student ID can serve as a golden ticket all around town. Restaurants, museums and movie theaters all provide discounts to students — especially when you live in a college town.

Textbook Rentals The amount of books your college courses require is astonishing. And so is the bill for all of those new textbooks. Instead of shelling out thousands of dollars each semester for brand new books, you can actually rent them from your campus bookstore, Amazon or Chegg.

Housing Once you live in the dorms with a roommate for year, it can be very tempting to move off campus and live on your own. Many organizations and events across campus provide free food for attendees.

Just check bulletin boards, the student newspaper or newsletter and social media accounts for notices of these events. You may get more out of your college experience than free food by attending these events.

Gas Sometimes, college campuses are as big as small towns — or you may live several hours from your parents.

writing an artist statement tips to save money

In these cases, a car can be great thing, but it can also be a real drain on your funds. Instead of driving all over campus, opt to walk or take campus transportation.

With that in mind, you need to save in as many ways possible. Need Money to Pay for College? Every semester, Fastweb helps thousands of students pay for school by matching them to scholarships, grants, and internships, for which they actually qualify.The following artist statement examples are provided as samples you can emulate.

Don't copy them, but use them to identify how to sculpt your statement using ideas and words. The ability to save money is the cornerstone of building wealth. It's also essential for one's sense of security. The math is simple: in order to save money, you need to spend less than you earn.

Need help writing, editing, revising or expanding your artist statement? I write for artists all the time-- statements, essays, explanations, descriptions, whatever you need. Call or email [email protected] TIPS: How to write an Artist Statement On this page you will find my summary of the wisdom available online - plus a few recommendations of my own.

In general, an artist statement should address what you make, how you make it, why you make it and your understanding of your work's meaning. Artist Statement Guidelines. Artists can send their artist statement for professional review. GYST submission policies, examples of artist statements, and writing tips are found below: What Is an Artist’s Statement?

A general introduction to your work, a body of work, or a specific project. The first step to saving money is to figure out how much you spend.

Keep track of all your expenses—that means every coffee, household item and cash tip. Once you have your data, organize the numbers by categories, such as gas, groceries and mortgage, and total each amount.

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